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product arrow SENTER CREE YEZL Q5 CUBE 14500

Price Rp 350.000 Beli


Size: length 99mm, diameter 25mm
Weight:85g (without batteries)
Product description as follows:

1, Lamp: American CREE Q5, excellent brightness, brightness up to a maximum of 250 lumens, 50,000 hours life.

2, circuit: 3 files dimming circuit, compatible with 1AA and 14500 lithium batteries, with anti-reverse, prevent over-discharge function:

3-speed dimming: high - medium - low
A.  high light, current: 800MA-1200MA
B.medium light, current: 240MA-360MA
C. Low light, current :80-100MA
Shift: power to enter any file, if the duration of the power of less than 2 seconds, then after the next power shift, power more than 3 seconds with memory function, power or default the next stall.
Current than the first three stalls were: 100%, 30%, 10%

4, Battery: 1AA or 14,500 batteries used, you can use rechargeable lithium battery;

5, Material: The shell  adopt III oxidation of AA barrel,  improve the work of the  shell , wear resistance , will not leave a scratch with a Knife,  more convenient to carry, without fear of sharp objects such as keys scratch; Demagehead design ,  can be used as self-defense; tail`s design is perfect and allows the  inverted, using candlelight mode; tail is luminous plastic cap design for easy to find at night when power failure; Copper circuit bunker and design of copper Switched Ring is more beneficial to the thermal and electrical conductivity ; Sealing good, good waterproof and rainy days in normal use, YEZL personally tests it in the basin within five minutes are still working properly

6, condenser performance: Orange metal cup, concentrating well;

7, switch mode: tail button switch,


1. harga hanya sener aja, karena menggunakan batere umum AA