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product arrow senter CREE TRUSTFIRE ZOOM TARIK Z6

Price Rp 600.000 Beli


Product Specification:


Brand TrustFire
LED Emitter Type: CREE XM-L T6
Luminous Flux: 1000 lumens
Lamp Life: 100,000 hours
Power Source: 1*18650 rechargeable battery
Modes: 5 modes(Hi>Mid>Low>Strobe>SOS)
Switch: Tail cap Clicky/Clickie
Materal of Product Aluminum alloy shell
Waterproof: with o-ring seal



High power super bright LED

Low operating voltage\

Low power dissipation

Water-proof and shock-proof

Non-slip grip

 Shell aviation aluminum, CNC machining, anodizing surface treatment

 through stretch the head of flashlight can adjust the focusing and floodlight


 Mode Selection:

  1,Operation Button: On/Off  

 2. If you would like to turn on/off the flashlight, you should press the button into 100% end. And there is a click to be heard.

 3. If you would like to change the modes, you just need to gently press the button into about 50% end several times. And there is not a click to be heard.


 1,Waterproof but not means it can be used in water.

 2,Take out  the battery if  nt use for long period

 3, warning: please do not irradiate it  to the eyes especially for  childrenor else ,itmay cause tempory blindness for the harsh lighting .



1. Harga sudah termasuk batere recash dan charger

2. kotak ori dengna tulisan Trustfire

3. jumlah mode 5 : (terang-agak terang - redup- kedip-SOS)

4. Bisa zoom dengan cara ditarik